Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Lure of the AC

We succumbed to the lure of the AC today - it was time - the house hit 85 by mid-afternoon and the outside temp wasn't due to go below 80 before about 10pm. I'll miss those cooler morning temps in the house (We haven't been getting up early enough to have the attic fan do much good just in the morning - it seems to take several hours to cool the house down). The house was still at 82 when we came back from dinner, but it felt quite pleasant. I wonder when the AC will finally get the house to 79 (our current setpoint)? Even though we're in the midst of a drought, I think the house is humid and that is some of what is making it take the AC so long to cool the house down.

I'm not sure the kids particularly noticed that the AC is on, but the cats did. They like to hang out in front of the AC vents. Previous cats have liked hanging out near the heating vents, but these cats are the first I've ever noticed that like the cool AC blowing on them. I think the cats won't be so happy that the windows are closed, though - they like lying on the window seat and looking out the window (and getting the breeze).

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