Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nearing the end

...of the swim team season. Thank goodness! It's getting miserably hot out there in the evening for the adults (or anyone who is going swimming). The kids are fine - they get in the water to swim every 20-30 minutes and stay nicely cool.

Tonight I didn't have an official job at the meet, so I got to spend some time in the shade. This meant it only ended up being a 3 water bottle night for me. I spelled D at timing for a bit so he could take a quick break and I did a little bit of kid rustling. For one event the person locating kids hadn't noticed M was in the event, so she didn't find him. I noticed he was missing when I saw his friends waiting behind the blocks and M wasn't there. I quickly tracked him down (in the kiddie pool, staying cool) and he managed to get there in time to swim in his race.

We don't know how the meet came out because it started thundering and lightning right after M's last race. They waited for a few minutes and then when we got another bolt of lightning, we all packed up and left. The last few races were simply dropped and the meet was called. We'll find out tomorrow who won.

Saturday is our final meet - the county meet - where all 6 teams in our league have one huge meet. It goes on all afternoon and into the evening. The kids enjoy it - they get to see their friends from all the other teams and hang out together, but it's a long hot day for parents. The meet is held at an indoor pool and the pool area is warm to begin with and when you put hordes of people in there watching, crowded together on bleachers it gets overwhelmingly hot. They split the meet with 10 and under swimming in the afternoon and 11 and ups swimming in the evening. This will be our first year to have to be there for the whole meet. I'm not particularly looking forward to it. We're trying to see if we can split up so that we don't all have to be there all day - we'll see if we can work it out.



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