Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Some photos from the island of Vieques.

This is the view from the roof of the hotel we stayed at:

Very small hotel - only 12 rooms.

View from the beach that first night. It isn't stormy, just the sun going down.

We were very surprised, every evening, at how early and quickly the sun went down. It would start getting dark around 7 and by 7:20 would be dark. Here it's not that dark until at least 9 pm. Some of the early dark is due to being further east in the timezone, and some to being closer to the equator. Whichever it is, it was rather odd. It also made dinner seem really late, since we often were eating closer to 7 and the kids aren't used to it being dark at dinner in the summer. Much of the time its still light here when they go to bed in the summer.

A making a sandcastle on the beach that first evening. They only had about 20 minutes to play on the beach that night due to dark, hunger and bugs.

There were wild horses all over the place on Vieques, but of course, we rarely saw them when I could actually get a picture. We saw at least 5 the night we went to the bio-bay, but I didn't have the digital camera with me (and couldn't take a picture through the windows of the van we were in).

Red beach. I think its called Caracas beach by the locals. If you could put these pictures next to each other, you would get a panoramic view of the beach.

This beach was really pretty. Nice sand, clean, no trash. There were a bunch of picnic shelters for use. We pulled up next to one and unloaded our stuff. This beach is in an area that used to be controlled by the US Navy, so maybe they built the shelters (or maybe 4H did - we saw a big 4H sign on the entrace to Red Beach).



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