Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why I LOVE Harry Potter

1. When Harry is around it's quiet

Both kids read all the way home from our camping trip.

2. Both kids love to read HP. We got the latest book about 6pm on Sat and M read it on the way to dinner, on the way home from dinner, on the way from camping and finished it up here at home this afternoon.
He was done by 3pm. Now D is reading it. D got next dibs because he has to go back to work tomorrow, but I can read some during the day (though I'll have to give it back in the evening). M is under strict orders not to discuss what happens - not even the early WOW. A says he doesn't want to hear either - that will be a bit tougher as he's only in the middle of HP 5. But A is plowing steadily onward - he's read all the way from the beginning of the series this summer.

3. For that matter, D and I both love to read HP. As M says, I will be sorry to finish the book because its the end of the series.

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