Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where M gets himself off to school

This morning A had "Pastries with Parents" at his school. Nice pastries and a chance to see other parents and kids. All well and good, except that pastries were from 7-7:30, and then I needed to check on something at school and I wasn't sure I would be back in time to hustle M onto the bus.

Now, M is a morning person (actually all the males in this family are morning people. I am NOT), so getting him up in time to get ready is rarely a problem. He was up by 6:15 this morning, had breakfast and even a shower by the time A and I left for pastries at 7. So, M was all ready - what's the problem you wonder? Well, its the computer - it sucks M in and consumes all his time (or rather all his time plus a little more). M was convinced he could get himself off fine, I was a bit worried. We compromised - I set a timer for a few minutes before he needed to leave. As things went, I was pulling in the driveway just as M was leaving the house - at a perfectly appropriate time for the bus. Yay for M! He said he didn't even need the timer, but it made me feel more confident, just in case the computer video or webcomic was too interesting to notice it was time to stop.

I get to go have pastries with M at his school next month. None of the bus worries then, as pastries will be starting after A's school has started.

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