Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Dryer, Finally!

Since our dryer died, oh, about 2 months ago, we have been hanging clothes out to dry. We had a bad spell where it was humid and threatening rain for most of a week, when it was really hard to get laundry done. Of course, we're in a drought - it didn't actually rain more than 0.1 inches that whole week - but it certainly threatened to rain.

On Friday I went to the S*ears scratch and dent outlet store and looked at dryers. I had looked elsewhere and checked out C*onsumer R*eports and had some ideas about dryers. The dryer manufacturers change model numbers faster than I can keep up. And different stores have slightly different models - that may be the same or then again, they may not. Reminds me of shopping for mattresses - ugh.

Anyway, I was at the outlet and WOW, there were a LOT of dryers. Looked like more than were carried by my local S*ears, but maybe that's because there were multiple dryers of the same model at times. It was rather mind-boggling.

I was intending to get a fairly basic model dryer, not the bare bones model though. I wanted a no heat cycle and some sort of sensor drying. I didn't particularly want a touch screen. Well - here's what I got:

Yep, its got all sorts of bells and whistles - touch screen, interior light, etc. But it was too good a deal to pass up. Evidently it sat on the outlet store floor too long and it was a "manager's special". This dryer was priced way less than some of those basic models. It was roughly 1/3 the original price. WOW. And this for a dryer that was the best rated one I saw in CR.

Today was another of those overcast, humid days. So, I actually used the dryer for a FULL cycle. Well - I did pull out D's pants and 2 dress shirts about 10 minutes into the cycle so that they wouldn't get wrinkly while I was over at the school volunteering.

Every time I glance over at the laundry area, I think I must have left the dryer door open - but no, I'm just not used to seeing the inside of my dryer while its closed. And the capacity of this dryer is HUGE. It loooks like A would fit in there (NOT going to happen, but still). My full load of wash looks rather puny in the dryer.

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