Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Progress reports, already

It's hard to believe that the kids have already completed 1/4 of the school year. My, how time does fly. But here it is, early October and they came home with progress reports today. No surprise, both kids had very good report cards. And there really were NO surprises since I can check their grades online. So, for instance, I knew that M had brought his reading grade up to a 90 with a grade his teacher entered over break.

It is still nice to see those good grades in hard copy. And then I got to sign them and they get sent back to the school tomorrow.

M's 90 was the lowest grade between the 2 report cards. I think everything else was in the 95-100 range. And yes, there were several 100's. Indications to me that the kids aren't being challenged enough. I don't mind so much the 100 M got in his "foreign language" class. Note the quotes - I'm still not exactly sure what they were learning, but it sure as heck wasn't how to speak a foreign language. They learned a few phrases each in various languages, including Spanish, French and Latin at least - maybe others. Most of the grade seemed to be based on taking notes, open notes quizzes and class participation.

The other things I got a kick out of from the report cards was the comment section. Evidently they have a canned list of comments that the teachers can insert. M got multiple "Conduct Satisfactory" and "Excellent Student" comments along with a smattering of other pleasant comments. A didn't get the multiplicity of comments, having the same teacher for all academic subjects, but he got a couple of nice comments also. Plus a needs improvement comment that he "needs to pump up his writing with more details and use adjectives or specific verbs to enhance his writing" - this on a writing/grammar grade of 97. To me, and as I explained it to A, that means that his writing is grammatically correct for 3rd grade level, but that he needs to work on "painting a picture with his words". I also think that his teacher feels a need to show that there is something he needs to work on.

Both kids had ice cream at lunch one day this week already in celebration of the great report cards.

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