Saturday, November 03, 2007

Not really worth it

We had a yard sale today. Or as the signs said - an estate sale or a garage sale. But maybe we should have said basement sale because mostly that's where it was. My mom's basement to be exact - with her stuff, her temporary roommate's stuff and my stuff (including stuff that was my dad's). Plus a little bit of stuff from my aunt and one friend. And we tried to keep track of stuff that sold that the kids would get the money for. All rather confusing and lots of work.

I was up just before 6 this morning - oh the horror, on a Saturday. When I got over to my mom's just before 7, it was really still too dark to put stuff outside - I couldn't see what I was putting where. So we concentrated on taking boxes out to arrange once it got light and clearing paths inside.

The sale was advertised from 8-2, but we still had people coming up until 4 or later - even as we were taking stuff back inside. We left a lot of it set up inside - that's easier for today, but its even harder to force yourself to go back through things later. I did box up a large box of stuff to go directly to G@@dwill though. It's in the car and ready to be dropped off (Monday, I hope).

By the time we finished cleaning up (as much as we did) and counting money, I had made a grand total of approximately $80. Not much gain for a full day's work. But, then again, I didn't really expect to make a whole lot of money on this sale. I was participating because I was needed - and if I was going to be there, I might as well try to make *some* money. Amazingly enough, for me the biggest money makers were my dad's clothes. I think we sold 5 sports coats ($5 each), at least 12 pairs of pants (3 for $5), a few shirts and one pair of shoes. Usually kids clothes sell better than adults, but not today. I think all I sold of the kids clothes was 3 items and one pair of shoes.

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