Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween party at church

We had our annual Halloween party at church Saturday night. A has known that he wants to be Harry Potter for weeks now.

Harry is an amazingly easy costume to pull off - especially since we've done it probably half a dozen times already. I think M was HP twice for Halloween and this is probably A's 2nd time too. Plus they have each been HP for the book character parade at school at least once. But there is always some issue - Sat night it was not being able to find a wand. In fact, we still haven't found a wand, so perhaps A will be hunting a stick sometime before Wednesday.

M couldn't decide who/what he wanted to be. Finally last week he decided he wanted to be a vampire. Sounds easy enough... but wait - I have to make a cape?? Fortunately I mentioned this to my mom and she just so happened to have a cape that she made years ago for my brother. Even more amazing, she was able to put her hands on it in just moments!!! Wow. Of course it was too long for M, but a simple hemming job took care of that. M would have liked a more standy-up collar and a red lining, but he was pretty happy with the costume. Then, Saturday afternoon, he tells me he wants his face pale. Uuhhhh. We tried cold cream and flour - NO. Definitely not working. His face looked paler once we slicked his hair back, but he still wanted paler. Again, I was saved - this time by a friend at the party who just happened to have white face paint. What do you think?

M won the "scariest" costume for the "big kid" category. I think it turned out pretty good!

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