Saturday, April 19, 2008

It feels like Spring

Hopefully it will continue to feel like Spring - rather than reverting to winter or jumping precipitously forward into summer (please no, I'm not ready for summer).

It's a pleasant low 70's kind of day - a bit rainy this morning and then mostly sunny this afternoon. D just fired up the grill for hamburgers. The first hamburgers of the season... and I have tomatoes (that look all nice and red - we'll see about the taste later) and onions (ready to be grilled) and lettuce and pickles and nice onion buns. Oooh, and corn on the cob - again, it looks good, but I know the corn will be much better come summer. And cantaloupe and asparagus to round out the meal. We'll all be getting our 5 a day today!

After dinner report:
tomato was better than I expected, quite tasty actually
corn - OK, but not great
cantaloupe - good, but could have been 1 day riper

We went for a walk after dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the weather!

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