Thursday, July 03, 2008

Visiting the tidal pools

We've safely arrived here in Japan, currently visiting with K & I, and niece B. We're having lots of fun and mostly getting over our jetlag. Actually I seem to be the only one having much trouble with the jetlag. Both kids are sleeping fine (according to them). They (well all of us) went to bed around 9pm. The kids were still bouncing around. I was dragging. We were all up between 5:30 and 6:30 this morning. Unfortunately, I was also up from 2:30-4ish.

Yesterday we went to visit the tidal pools. Lots of fun.
We were all wading , mostly in ankle deep water or less.

a sea cucumber. We saw LOTS of them.

A really cool blue starfish. We tried to get it further out from under the rock - but no luck.

We saw lots more cool stuff - maybe more photos later...

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Cool pictures! I loved the mushroom-shaped sea stack. My J and M are very jealous of your trip to Japan since they're anime obsessed...

And sorry to hear about the jet lag. I'm in my same timezone (but not back home 'til tomorrow) and I had all kinds of trouble sleeping last night too. Maybe it's something in the air?

11:44 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

My M is anime/manga obsessed too. He has found lots of manga already, but none in English. He thinks its unfair that the Japanese have many thick comics/manga and the US doesn't.

I'm still waking up too early. It was either 2:30 or 4:30 this morning - evidently I was too sleep deprived to notice which (though I was definitely awake!)

11:35 PM  

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