Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mostly back from camp

M came back from camp yesterday, with most of his stuff.  He's missing a towel - not a big deal, that's why he got sent with the mismatched/stained/worn old towels - its why I save old towels after all.  Unfortunately, he also came home without his glasses.  His new glasses.  The ones we picked up 2 days before camp started.  Grrrr.  Unfortunately for me, the glasses place put a rush on the order or they would have come in while he was at camp.  In which case he would have taken his old glasses and while it would be bothersome not to have the old ones as a backup, it wouldn't put me out any money.  

He managed to lose them at night, in a field (while scuffling with another kid), in the dark, without a flashlight.  He says that he and another kid (or 2) looked, but they didn't find them.  He didn't tell any adults until they were packing up the next morning.  When D arrived, the two of them looked, but had no luck - not too surprising, since M wasn't exactly sure where he lost them (I understand that part - dark, night, open field, etc).  I'm holding off on getting new glasses for the moment, hoping that possibly someone will find the glasses during camp sessions this week.  I know its a long shot, but its all I've got right now.  And in case they don't turn up, I need to get his prescription and find a cheaper place to get new glasses.



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