Friday, June 13, 2008

Random bits of Friday

Another swim meet last night.  LONG meet.  It was the other team's first meet this season (and many of their kids were new), so it was very chaotic.  We made it through all but the relays at the end of the meet before it started storming.  Never did get much rain (unfortunately), but the thunder and lightning shut down any swimming - just as well, as it was getting rather dark by then (around 9:15) making it hard to find kids and organize them.  

A got 2 more personal best times: 
freestyle - taking almost another full second off his time
breaststroke - didn't get disqualified this time and took 6 seconds off his time from last year


A and I went swimming this afternoon.  At one point it was very amusing to notice that we were the only swimmers there for 4 lifeguards to watch!  Actually only 2 of them were on duty, the other 2 were just there hanging out.  I don't remember ever doing that when I lifeguarded as a teen - by the time I'd spent 35 hours or so at the pool each week, I wanted to be somewhere else when I was off.


M comes home from camp tomorrow.  With a bunch of dirty laundry I'm sure.  Even if he didn't wear it all, it will probably have gotten dirty one way or another.  I have to quick wash his class A uniform shirt and take off M's patches from it and sew A's patches on.  A gets to move up from a blue uniform shirt to khaki shirt this year, so I decided it made the most sense to hand down M's shirt and get M a new larger size.  A needs his shirt by middle of next week for his camp, so I have to get busy on it.  M won't need his new one until at least August, but I should probably do both while I'm at it.

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