Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More swim meets

It seems like all we do these days is swim meets (and swim practice).  And it seems like we have been practicing for ages, but yet, it also seems like the kids are finally settling in to their strokes and we know what is going well and what needs to be worked on.  So, of course, the season is almost over.  Our last meet is Thursday.  Technically there is the county meet on Saturday, but it is an all day event (because we have kids both under and over age 10), and we just don't have time to do that all day when we're also trying to get ready for vacation next week.

Last night's meet was close - very close.  We lost by 13 points.  If we had won one relay instead of the other team, we would have won.  13 points out of over 800 total points (I think the score was 408 to 421).  While it would have been great to win, it was also good to have a close meet.  I really don't think anyone knew who would win.

A had a pretty good night.  He got 2 more best times, in breast and back.  His breaststroke still looks a bit shaky at times to me (still sometimes getting 2 kicks in per one arm pull), but the stroke and turn judge deemed it acceptable.  M didn't have such a good night - he DQ'd his butterfly - first time all year (didn't get his arms out of the water at some point).  And he was slower on breast and freestyle.  There's always Thursday...  

M did have a great night last week, though.  He took 2nd in breaststroke!  And yes, there were more than 2 people swimming - there were 4 in that race.  So, yay M!!  First time for a (non-relay) 2nd place ribbon!



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