Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The One Kid Summer

While the temperature is still definitely summer (way too definitely for my taste, high 90's today and still 85 at 9pm), summer as the kids and the school system define it - is over. Done. Finis. It's been a rather odd summer because for much of the summer there has only been one kid in residence - I can only count 3 full weeks (other than our vacation) with both kids here full time - and those weeks were spread out.

Week 1 - both kids here
week 2 - A at day camp 8-3 everyday
week 3 - M at overnight camp
week 4 - A at overnight camp for 3 days
week 5 - both kids here, getting ready for vacation
week 6 & 7 - vacation
week 8 - both kids here - everyone recovering from jet lag
week 9 & 10 - A off with my mom

Either because they didn't see as much of each other much of the summer or because they are growing up or because we are dull and boring, the kids actually wanted to spend time with each other on vacation. They sat next to each other on trains voluntarily and without fighting! Amazing. Wonderful. It meant that D and I could have our own conversations.

A is coming back home tomorrow and I'm ready to see him again. It hadn't struck me when they were planning the trip, but this is the longest I've gone without being with one of the kids - 16 days. I would have expected M to be the one gone longer first, being older - but that's not how it worked out. D and I went off without the kids a few years ago for 10 days - but this is almost a week longer. I think its hitting me more since I have to keep explaining to people that no, A is not here to start school this week. I'm going to go pick him up tomorrow evening (and hope that the forecasted afternoon/evening thunderstorms don't delay the plane) - and then we'll play it by ear for school on Friday. I'm thinking of keeping him home to recover from jetlag, but we'll see how things go....



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