Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ancient Chinese Soldiers

Yesterday we went down to the High Museum to see the terracotta Chinese soldiers exhibit. It was a wonderful exhibit (Thanks, Mama (it was our Christmas present from her)). Here D and I are posing with a cardboard cutout outside the museum (no photos in the exhibit allowed).
Here's A in the gift shop with one of the 5 foot tall replicas. Only $1800! A bought one of the very small replicas, about 7 inches tall, like you can see in the background.
The exhibit was really cool. We got the kids headsets so that they could listen to info about the exhibit. I think it was a great idea, as it kept them from speeding through the exhibit, while we wanted to read all about it. Many of the stations had 2 separate audio bits recorded, one for adults and one for kids. I borrowed a headset from the kids a few times and the kids version of the audio tour was really cute, but still informative.
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Blogger Jo said...

We got to see those many years ago when they came to BYU. They were awesome and the kids still talk about it!

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