Sunday, January 25, 2009

cats hindering posts

I'm sure you've noticed the distinct lack of posts recently.  It's not that nothing has been going on, but rather plenty has.  A big part of the issue has been demanding cats!  It seems as though every time I sit down, I end up with a cat in my lap (and sometimes both cats).  And they will stay for a good long while - yesterday I had both cats on me for at least an hour and a half, with one or the other on me for another hour.  I finally had to kick off a cat to get dinner fixed.

It is very pleasant to sit with cats.  I'm getting more reading done than I was for a while, and my lap is staying nice and toasty warm.  But its very hard to blog.  Even if/when they trap me at the computer, they tend to trap one arm such that I'm restricted to hunt and peck typing (which I despise!).

While both hands are currently unencumbered, I'll post a bit about our weekend.  

M took the SAT on Sat morning, for the Duke TIP program.  He wasn't too happy about giving up his Saturday morning for a test, but he was in good spirits when I picked him up.  I took him out for his choice of lunch (Sonic) and then dropped him off for a Scout trip to the Aquarium.  They spent the night there and saw all sorts of aquatic things.  I haven't actually heard too many details of the trip though (he's mad at me for all sorts of things - like making him print out his essay, fixing soup for dinner, not letting him sit on A, ...)

D and A worked on A's pinewood derby car on Saturday morning.  They got it all cut out and the wheels and axels straightened (or whatever it is that they do to them).  A still needs to sand his car and paint it.

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