Monday, February 09, 2009

M is Back at School!

M may not be all the way well yet, but he was well enough to go back to school today.  Hallelujah!  He was a model patient while he had a fever last week (sleeping a lot), but once he started feeling better, he was wanting to be on the computer a lot.  I got really tired of listening to him watching the Simpsons on the computer.  It was tough because he seemed to be feeling ok in the morning, only to end up coughing a good bit by lunchtime and into the afternoon - and going to bed early by choice.  I was tempted to send him back to school on Friday, but the Dr had said to wait until today, and looking at M Friday afternoon, I could see that was the right choice.  He was MUCH better today.

Of course, M thinks that since he is feeling better, he shouldn't have to take the medicine anymore.  Nope - its an antibiotic, so you have to finish it off - days and days more of the stuff, unfortunately.



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