Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ice Skating with cousins

Before Christmas break ended we were finally able to get together with my cousin Charlie and his family.  Our first attempt was aborted due to his trip to the ER.  But a few days later, we all managed to get together to take the kids ice skating.

A was a little shaky at first and held on to the railing, but soon enough, he was skating out in the middle.  He still walks as much as skates, but he is getting better - and he got away from the wall quicker this year than last year.

M takes a quick spin with my mom.  She only went around the rink 2 times.  Then she said that was "enough".

Cousin Mac is skating here.  It's his first time on ice skates.  He's doing well by this point.  He says that ice skating is easier than roller skating.  A thinks so too.
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