Thursday, September 03, 2009

Your own website as direct mail?

M got some very interesting mail today.  As a result of scoring well on the SAT (for the Duke TIP), he has gotten mail about various programs and now about boarding schools.  Note - we're not actually looking into boarding schools, but these are very interesting mails to receive.  They are generally offering to have him compete for a scholarship.

Today's had an interesting twist - they personalized it.  The front says "M's got talent".  Then on the back of the postcard, they list a personalized website:  If you know M's name, you can plug in his first and last names and see it.  M is not at all interested in boarding schools, but he was intrigued by this mail and went to look at "his" website.

He'll be taking the PSAT through school this year (funny how he took the SAT before the PSAT) - all the 8th graders take it in our county.  I don't know if they give out the kids info from that, but I've already warned M that in 3 years or so he won't be asking me, "did I get any mail today?", but rather, "how much mail did I get today?"



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