Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No more rain.

Hooray. All we got was 0.1 inch of rain last night, even though they were predicting more storms. We even saw the sun today. What a pleasant surprise, after days of cloud and drizzle.

Even better, the basement did not get any more wet, perhaps even dried out a bit. Of course, it is still a big mess, with things all pulled away from the wall and no carpet next to the wall. But still, no squishy spots is a GOOD thing.

It was very strange having the day off school, what with the very nice weather out. We kept hearing on the radio about roads being closed in other parts of town. My mom went out today and reported no problems along her route. The paper did say that one of our rivers was supposed to crest mid day today, at 21 something feet, with 11 feet being flood stage and 20 feet being major flooding. I'm gad we're not along any of the rivers.

Back to school tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be confused about what day it is for the rest of the week, though, after this day off.



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