Monday, September 21, 2009

Where's Noah when you need him?

We're flooding here - in more than one sense. It has rained here more in the last week than I think it has it forever (at least the 10 years we've been here). They are saying that some parts of the metro area have gotten over 15 inches in the last week. I've lost track of our totals, but it was 3.5 inches today, with more expected overnight.

I had to go pick M up from school (from his robotics practice) after school today and I was honestly concerned that the river might cause a problem - it didn't, but it was higher than I've ever seen it. It appeared to be inches from the bottom of the bridge.

When I went down to the garage to get some ravioli for dinner, I discovered water in the garage. Not just a little bit, but at least a half inch, well into the garage. Then we found water in the basement too. M got deputized to watch dinner while D and I started cleaning up.

After dinner, we managed to borrow a wet vac from a friend and tried to suck up the water, but finally decided that the carpet needed to go. We removed about 4 feet wide by 10 feet long section of carpet from the exterior wall. One pice was so heavy that we had to drag it out the side door. We found that the best way to dry things up was sopping it up with a towel, wringing out the towel and repeating.

The garage has stayed mostly dry, but the towels in the basement still seem to be sopping up more water. We'll wring them out once more before bed. As well as empty the dehumidifier, which will be working nonstop for weeks, I'm sure.

We're not sure if the water is coming in through the wall, under the door, or up through cracks in the floor. Initially we thought maybe it was through the floor, but now the wet seems to be more at the wall and less at the crack.

It is a huge mess.

Meanwhile, evidently the water is continuing the rise in the rivers - they've cancelled school for tomorrow, citing public safety. We've heard of several roads being impassable. So far I haven't heard of any roads in our county washing out, although there are some in the area. One county even had their water treatment facility flood, so they are without any water. At last count there have also been 5 deaths due to the flooding. When I hear that, suddenly my wet basement doesn't seem quite so bad. It's bad all over.



Blogger Carol P. said...

I wondered how you were doing when I saw the weather report yesterday. Hope it lets up soon. You had a drought, right? Didn't need to end this way, that's for sure.

Hope M and A enjoy their day off school.....

9:38 AM  
Blogger owlfan said...

Well, technically the drought ended a few months ago, but yes, this isn't the way we wanted it to end. Both kids commented that the drought must be over with this much rain.

They do seem to be enjoying their day off school. Both have a bit of school work to do today, though - projects and weeklong homework packets, so its not ALL fun and games today.

10:52 AM  

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