Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready or Not, here comes Christmas

And no, I'm not really ready, but I know that won't stop Christmas from coming - any more than the Grinch managed.

What is ready:
the tree is up (on Monday)
all of my packages I ordered have arrived
most of the presents are wrapped
we have menus for Christmas eve and Christmas day

What isn't ready:
I haven't found the stockings yet
the Christmas letter is half-written
no pictures printed
no cards signed or addressed
no sticky buns made
Christmas spirit is lacking

I have a lot to do still, obviously - and quite clearly our cards this year will be late - maybe they will make it by New Years...


Blogger Carol P. said...

I am *sooooooooo* there with you. I don't know what it is about this year. Well, in my case it has at least a bit to do with where my project is at work and how much time it's trying to consume. But even without that, I've not been in the holiday spirit and the house is only half decorated. One of those years, I guess.....

1:24 PM  

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