Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Happened

I've been expecting it for a while now, but it's finally confirmed - M is taller than I am. And still growing... D is expecting to be outgrown by M's birthday in just less than a month.

Not to be outdone, A is keeping up the pace. I measured him the other day and found that he was almost exactly the same height as M, with less than a month's difference in ages at the time. I had to send A back to change clothes this morning as both his shirt and his pants were noticeably short on him. Even then, the second pair of pants was still a bit short. I guess it's time to go through his drawers again and do the pants sort.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

M's in to Magnet!

M got the official notification today. He got into the Magnet high school for Science and Technology. M is happy, we are happy, all is good. M actually heard unofficially last night, as D had heard from one of the teachers on the selection committee, but today was the official letter.

M and his friends have been tearing up facebook, as various people waited for the mail truck. M says that almost all of his friends who applied have gotten in. I had to remind him, that it is really just almost everyone who has reported, got in (only one person posted that they had not gotten in). I'm sure that he will hear more tomorrow and especially on Monday at school. For now, though, they are all happy to have gotten in. As I told M several years ago, most of his friends applied to Magnet and will likely be there next year. And I'm sure he will make more friends from the kids from other middle schools.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A's Campout

A reported that he had a great time on his campout with the boy Scouts over the weekend. He was very happy to report that he has earned his first Merit Badge - Indian Lore. They cooked an Indian lunch, made an Indian longhouse, a tomahawk, and a dreamcatcher. They also learned some Indian history from a Cherokee Indian. All in all a great success!


Friday, February 19, 2010

A and Boy Scouts

(Sorry for the long dearth of posting. Once I miss more than a few days, it's hard to get back into the swing of posting. I'm going to try to be better.)

So, A and Scouts. Long story. After Christmas, his Webelos II leader had to bow out due to job issues. There were really only A and one other boy coming regularly, and both of them had already earned their Arrow of Light, so the decision was made to just send them on up to Boy Scouts a few months early. They would have been going up in March anyway. A decided that since he was really close to earning all the Webelos pins, he wanted to finish them up.

While school has been out this week, we plowed through the last few requirements. This week, A painted 2 wooden objects that he made at day camp as a Webelos I, and fashioned a picture frame out of cardboard and natural objects (sticks, pine cones, and sweetgum balls). So, now that those are all done, A is ready to officially move on to Boy Scouts (he has been attending their meetings for about a month already).

This weekend, A is on his first campout with the Boy Scouts - without us. One of us could have gone with him, but we decided that it might be best for him to figure out his place without us. And yes, this was fine with A. And, since he has now finished the Webelos pins, D turned in the official Boy Scout application and now A is able to start earning merit badges (handy since they are working on the Indian Lore badge this weekend. It sounds like it should be fun (and maybe a little crazy since evidently the adults were only given their assignments of what to teach this evening)).