Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swim Meet

Swim meet tonight and oh my, but it was HOT!!! Sweltering hot in the sun, not helped by the fact that we got a brief bit of rain that made everything seem like a sauna. It was bad until the sun went behind some clouds and then started going down.

Luckily the meet went fairly quickly- over and done by just after 8:30. Our team was much bigger than the opponents, so it was fairly obvious that we would win. I don't think they even announced who won. If its not close, they just announce the winner, if it is reasonably close they will announce the score.

M had a pretty good night. He had a very competitive breaststroke race and he took off over a second and maybe close to 2 seconds off his time. He's down to 45 point something seconds for a 50. Nice! Oh, and took first place in the race. Most of the kids on the team who can beat M in breast either swim high school or year round. The coach suggested that he would do well swimming high school. M is not yet convinced.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long time no post

It's always hard when I don't post for a bit, because then I wonder how I can catch up. Well, I guess I can't. Maybe at some point I will put up some photos of the past month or so - or maybe not.

Anyway, the house has been quiet this week. D is in Colorado, with some students. He and they seem to be having a good time. They are enjoying MUCH cooler weather than we are. They had snow flurries - meanwhile we're having triple digit heat index days.

A is at Scout camp. I went out there tonight for parent's night and enjoyed pizza and desserts - what a healthy combo! At least I drank plenty of water (thanks to the heat index). A is doing fine and having fun. He doesn't seem overly bothered by the heat. He says the food is good - they cooked themselves spaghetti yesterday and hot dogs today for lunch. He is swimming at least once every day (swimming merit badge plus some free swim).

The Scouts were going to have ice cream after all the parents left, to help console the Scouts at their parents leaving. This is a slightly foreign concept to me - A is having a blast, he won't need consoling. One of the other parents said she had asked her son if he was homesick or crying and he said yes. It hadn't occurred to me before that to ask A, but then I did. A's response, "no, I'm not homesick, but I miss the computer".

A was happy to see me, and the stuff I brought: googles, spray sunscreen and a book. He'll be happy tonight eating ice cream with his friends too. And tomorrow doing his activities.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, M is hanging out in his room on the computer and reading. I'm trying to get him to tackle his summer work little by little, so it doesn't ruin his last week of summer. He misses his friends, but doesn't want to initiate any plans for getting together.

Me, I'm trying to tackle bits and pieces of things around the house and getting ready for our vacation. It sure is quiet.

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