Saturday, February 18, 2006

A bit of Spring?

What do you call Spring weather in Feb?? Indian Spring? Maybe the groundhog was right (in predicting an early Spring), though his prognostication was followed by the coldest week all winter. But Thursday was definitely springlike - see the door open - it was 72 outside (according to my thermometer). Whatever the actual temp was, it was warmer outside than in, so we let the outdoors in.

These are my amazing dwarf snapdragons. I planted them in October 2003! Now, I planted many more of them then, but they were only supposed to bloom in fall 03 and spring 04, but most of them made it to fall 04 (and all those made it to spring 05) and then these few made it to fall 05 and now spring 06. The hot weather here is supposed to be too much for them, but in the island in the front yard is evidently shady enough in summer. So, here they are about to bloom again. Amazing!

And these are my beautiful primrose that D gave me last spring (birthday, mothers day, ? - can't remember exactly which occasion). They were beautiful then and 2 (out of 4) are blooming again now. I think one more is still living in a big pot at the end of the driveway.

Evidently I do well with plants outdoors - but not so well indoors. I like plants that thrive on neglect. Inside I currently have one aloe that I forget to water for weeks (months?) on end and yet still lives. I'm also nursing along 2 little basil plants on the windowsill in the kitchen - they're living, but not very happily. I will put them outside as soon as the weather reliably permits.


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