Saturday, February 18, 2006

Book Report time

M had to do a book report on a biography and he chose Roberto Clemente. He was also supposed to dress up like his character. As M says, "I'm never going to look like Roberto Clemente". Ummm, yes that's true - wrong color and all. So, we did the best we could. We had some baseball pants (a friend was trying to sell them at our yard sale), long white socks, a mock turtleneck under a baseball jersey (ok, so it was a Braves jersey, but at least it was a real looking baseball jersey). I decided I didn't care if the teacher took off points for not trying to make it into a Pirates jersey, but M came home with an 100, so I guess that was good enough. I hate these dress up like a character type things, though, as it makes it MY job to work on a book report - where I want it to be the kids job to do as much as possible.'s the poster he did - looks pretty nice. That's a timeline of his life at the bottom.
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