Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

A made several very nice valentines for us - 2 in class and 1 in art (plus 1 at church for my mom). Seemingly by 4th grade, they don't make valentine's at school anymore, though, so none from M. Though M made his valentines bag at school. A did manage to make a new valentines box yesterday and it came home full of valentines today, as did M's bag.

D got me some quite interesting chocolates from Graffiti Zoo. So far, I've only tried the Chilean Fire Ants - they're quite interesting - cinnamon white chocolate with a hot chili bite. They do have a bit of a chili bite, but it really does work nicely with the white chocolate. D says he got to try several others when he bought them - I'm looking forward to trying various of them over the next few days. Yummmm!


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