Monday, March 06, 2006

District Pinewood Derby

Yesterday was the district Pinewood Derby for 2 counties. Both M and A had qualified to go to district, so after church we headed over there. A's race was first and he finished in the top half of his group, 9th out of 20. We thought that was pretty good, considering that all 20 of these kids had finished in the top 3 in their pack. He got a certificate for participation.

M's race was more than 2 hours later, but we hung out and cheered on others from our pack. The district race has a 6 lane track - each lane should be the same, but everyone knows its not exactly the same, so they run each car in each lane, time them, and then come up with an average time for each car. So, they ran cars 1-6, then 2-7, etc. so they ended up with 14 races for the 14 cars. When his race time finally came, M did very well. He came in 1st in 4 out of his 6 races. One car came in 1st all 6 of his races, so we figured it would probably take first place. M had done so well, we hoped (maybe even figured) he would place. After the races they announced, "and in 3rd place from pack xxxx (ours) is T". Well, then we thought, wow, did M take 2nd. But no, 2nd, and 1st were won by 2 other kids. It seems M was 0.009 seconds behind the 3rd place car, even after beating him 3 or 4 times. But it is the overall average time that counts, so evidently T beat M by a larger margin one those other races. It was very close and we were all (but most especially M) disappointed that M did not win. The silver lining was that we got to go home and not hang out for another hour or more waiting for yet another race among all the cars who placed.
I thought I had a picture of M cheering as his car won, but it was a movie and I can't put that here.


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