Monday, March 06, 2006

Lunch date

Yes, mom actually gets to go out to lunch every once in a while! My cousin and her husband were in town for a few days, so my aunt invited us to lunch at an interesting little place called the Fickle Pickle, where you get "a sandwich and a side with every pickle order". My mom and I went over to join them and my great aunt was there too. It was a very nice lunch and I enjoyed it a lot.

On the way over there, I even took care of one more piece of business wrapping up my dad's estate. We finally found his safety deposit box key. I talked to the people at our local bank branch who assured me that the paperwork I had would be enough to get into his box, so armed with paperwork and key, we went to the bank across town. They examined the paperwork (last time they said it wasn't enough) and I explained that my local branch had checked with their legal dept who said it was enough, and they let me in! As expected, it was empty. But at least it is done. I closed out the box and gave them back their key and can put a big mental CHECK on that task.


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