Tuesday, March 21, 2006

consignment sales

Today was the start of a consignment sale I participate in. I get a larger percentage of my sales (80% vs 65%) if I work a shift, so I worked this afternoon. I'm tired now! I spent the morning finishing pricing items and trying to find the rest of some set/toy/outfit. I finally got all the pieces to one toy that I've been trying to sell for about 2 years, but on several others, as soon as I put all the pieces together, someone decides that they MUST play with it... even though it is a toddler toy. Maybe I can finally sell it when A gets to be a teenager. Last fall the kids decided it was time to sell the Duplos (but not the Legos). I ran into a mom at the sale who said her teenager still plays with Duplos and Legos, so I guess I could have it worse.
From 11:30-3, I worked my shift, checking clothes and putting them out on the racks - it was tiring. Then back home to supervise the finishing up of homework, trying to plan a Scout meeting for tonight and fixing dinner. Then Scouts, where we worked on our scrapbooks some more - drawing pictures of camping. After Scouts, D took the kids home for bed, while I headed back to the consignment sale for the preview sale. I managed to find some pants for M - I hope they fit and a few other things. I'm always amazed at how much stuff some of the people buy - like several laundry baskets full! I'll show the stuff to the kids tomorrow and see if stuff fits. The kids usually want to go on Saturday, when its half price for most stuff.


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