Wednesday, March 22, 2006

High Tea

Finally, Blogger let me put up pictures.

My mom took us out for high tea this afternoon. As you can see, it is an occasion for the boys to get dressed up.

The tea was lovely. We did it back in Dec also when one of my mom's friends was going to be there with her Red Hat Society. M was disappointed that this time they didn't have chocolate mousse. In Dec they had a large bowl of mousse - like large mixing bowl. And when it got low, they put out another bowl - heaven to a 9 yo chocolate loving boy. Even without mousse, there was quite a spread of desserts.

Unfortunately, most (all?) of what M likes there are the desserts - I believe he had a muffin, but maybe not. Other than that he had chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, chocolate puff (very yummy, until he discovered it had a large center of coconut) - oh, and the ham and cheese (no mayo, no mustard, just bread) sandwich that I brought so that he would have something other than dessert to eat. M is getting (got long ago?) too old to have to take special food for. We told him that he needs to be more willing to try foods before he can go to this tea again. He did try a scone and said he didn't like it - I think he tried a piece smaller than a piece of catfood. I don't know what there is not to like - it was like a very good, sweet blueberry biscuit/cookie. Yummm. A declared all the food yummy, except for the chicken salad sandwich - I thought it was fine, though different somehow than normal.

Blogger is not letting me put up photos today - I'll try to add them later.


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