Friday, March 03, 2006

Review and more review

In M's math class, I did my review of perimeter and area, as requested. The kids didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped. One confused which was which and 2 didn't quite know how to calculate area if it was not rectangular and I hadn't drawn in the grid. (I had shown the length of the sides and I thought they should have been able to figure the area, but maybe that's too advanced.) I need to remember to break down a problem into small steps and make sure they understand each one before moving on.
I talked to the teacher and evidently they are currently reviewing for some sort of practice test to be given in 2 weeks. That will tell them what areas they need to review for the state-wide standardized tests to be given in mid April. So, evidently they are planning on reviewing for 6 weeks. Arrrggghhh. How do I politely tell the teacher that she is boring my kid (and at least a few others) out of his gourd?


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