Saturday, March 04, 2006

Scout Hike

Got the Tiger Cubs together for one of our Go-See-Its to take a hike. We had an absolutely glorious day - a bit chilly to start out, but sunny and warming up. We went to Arabia Mountain to hike up the mountain. I found it interesting that several of the parents had never been there. We followed the trail of rock pylons up the mountain.

Here's our group of 5 Tigers plus M (one kid brought his cousin, not in the picture). There was a great view off the top of the mountain.

Then we headed down off the side and found more places where they had quarried granite and interesting streams, including water coming from under a slab of granite. The kids decided one quarry area was a fort. They all played happily for a good half hour. In through there we had some lunch also.

While wandering around M found this really cool grass in a pool of water. It looks very much like hair.


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