Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Battling the pantry moths

I've been busy the last few days doing battle with the pantry moths. I have tried, unsuccessfully, several times over the last year or so to get rid of them, but they keep coming back. So I brought out the heavy guns this time - bug bombs. Here is the kitchen getting ready:

It's hard trying to get everything shrouded and put away. After setting off the bug bombs, then the real work starts, though - cleaning out the pantry. I'm determined to take EVERYTHING out of the pantry. I've found the moths or their cocoons in the oddest places - on a paper bag, inside an empty cookie tin, etc. Unfortunately I've seen at least 3 live moths since I bombed yesterday - I killed 2 of them, but I'm worried. I opened up a sealed box of Bisquick and found bugs/moths inside the sealed packets inside. Yuck. I guess I'm going to open anything that I can and everything else I will seal up in a box and try to use them up quickly. I guess I need to make a list of what has been in the pantry to use up soon - seems that I'll be making some angel food cake and chocolate pudding, as I have multiple boxes of both.

So far I've managed to wipe down all the shelves in the pantry, but I still have to clear the floor - and then I have 3 Rubbermaid totes full of food to replace. I put all the cans, jars, etc that I figure the moths can't get in, into totes, plus all my bulk spices. I will be checking everything VERY carefully before replacing in the pantry!


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