Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School Night for Scouting

This morning M complained that his glasses were about to fall off if he looked down. So then he proceeded to walk around looking down. Umm, don't do that if you're worried.

When I looked at our calendar for today, I realized something would have to give, namely dinner at home. We needed to be at a school Scout recruiting night by 6:15. That would have meant dinner at 5:15 or earlier. Combine that with M's glasses complaints and the fact that tonight was our school's "Spirit Night" at Chick-fil-A (school gets a portion of the proceeds), it seemed obvious what would happen.

Our schedule ended up thusly:

4:20 leave home
4:40 arrive at eye dr's, get glasses adjusted (& run into M's 1st grade teacher)
4:50 arrive at library for a quick visit (passing D on the road, headed to dinner)
5:05 leave library with about 20 books, 15 of them mythology books for M
5:15 meet D at Chick-fil-A as planned, saying Hi to many people from school
6:00 hustle A to finish his ice cream (traded for his kid's meal toy)
6:15 arrive at the school and change kids into Scout uniforms in parking lot (their choice, I offered the bathroom)
6:30 informational meeting and signing up kids
7:30 leave for home

For some reason there weren't nearly as many kids/families at the recruiting night this year. I've heard that perhaps they didn't send home fliers today, but instead sometime last week. Anyway, this year we signed up about 10 new Scouts. Last year we signed up 10 Tigers, about 30 Scouts total. I think I picked up 3 new Wolves for my den. I had 6 from last year that all said they were coming back, so that should give me 9 - a good number, I think. As for Tigers (1st grade), its a good thing that we have 3 younger brothers of Tiger age already or we would have a very small den. I think they only signed up 2 or 3 Tigers tonight.


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