Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finishing up work on house

We're finally getting the current phase of "work on the house" finished. The guys put up the hood yesterday.

Hooray! Now we can broil again (as if we wanted to in this heat!) Plus its really nice to have a light over the stove again, and I don't have to worry about stuff falling through the hole in the cabinet.

They also fixed the drainage which got cut when the new water line went in. Almost all the staining is finished too. All that is left is to stain one area that is caulked (carpenter bees did a real number on the fascia) and to touch up some areas where the stain didn't fully cover the caulk.

The porch got a second coat of stain which looks much better. One coat didn't quite cover the old darker color. The front porch used to be closer to the color the house is now, but we felt it would look better with a distinctly different color. I'm not so wild about the color by itself, but I think it looks good against the house.


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