Friday, August 11, 2006

Curriculum Nights

We've been to both kids curriculum nights at school this week. We learned a few things, sat through the new discipline plan meeting twice, D got to meet the teachers (I met them at Open House with the kids).

M's teacher has some really cool technology in her room. A smart board and some nifty little remote answer devices. I can't remember what they are called and M says that they haven't used them yet. Each kid would get one and then answer a question A, B, C, D and the results would show up on the teacher's computer (or the smart board, if she wants, I think).

In between A's night on Tue and M's night on Thur, they have seemingly changed their policy on food brought in. Much to my disgust. Now they are saying that not only are homemade goodies not appropriate for serving to the whole class, but neither are store-bought items unless they are individually packaged. That means no bags of pretzels, no boxes of crackers, no store-bought cupcakes, no cut-up fruit. They claim that this is part of a "wellness policy", but I'm not sure how serving Little Debbie type snacks instead of homemade cupcakes will help "wellness". The policy has come down from county level, and they are evidently still trying to figure out if this means that the K and 1st grade classes who have daily snacks have to follow this. They are the ones who it will really hurt - both by expense and nutrition. I know when I sent in group snacks, I tried to go for snacks that were at least minimally healthy - graham crackers, goldfish, pretzels. I also did things like make mini muffins and bread sticks. Other than at Halloween, I haven't seen small snack size versions of most healthier snacks. Well, maybe some of those 100 calorie snacks they've come out with - I haven't bought any, so I don't know what's available. But it seems like buying those for a class of 20 would get expensive pretty quickly.

I had signed up in the kids classrooms as being willing to provide snacks for their end of the month reward celebrations (no, can't call them parties). But, now I think not. It offends me - excess packaging, less nutritious, fewer options, more expensive.

I wonder if this means that the Beta club won't be holding a bake sale this year also...

The school doesn't seem to be particularly pleased with the new policy (don't shoot the messenger was what M's teacher said), nor do the parents I've heard. I'm hoping that they will modify the policy if there are enough complaints - now to figure out how to complain effectively.


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