Sunday, August 20, 2006

Recent church-related activities

We've been busy the last few nights with church activities. Friday was our monthly games night. We usually play dominoes - and sure enough we did this month. The kids play somewhat slowly, but really do quite well. For at least half the game M was at least in 2nd place. That's where he ended up also, beating all the rest of the family - and believe me, NO ONE was helping him. Both kids get very irate when someone feels they need "help". A didn't do quite so well this time, but he still beat 3 adults (out of 8 total people).

Here's A, my mom and M waiting their turns.

A is hiding from the camera here.

Then Sat afternoon/evening we had a pool party for the kids choir at church. M sang last year and will again this year. Lest you think that he is enamored of singing, in his mind it's the lesser of the evils. We told him he needed to participate at church in some way and his choices were:

1. children's choir
2. acolyte
3. donate money on a regular basis

He chose choir last year and has again this year. A is going to try the choir this year. He was quite interested at Easter last year when he saw the chocolate bunny that all the choir members got. Now, he is less so, but we've decided he will try it for at least a month. Next year, in 3rd grade, he will have to choose a way to contribute.

Anyway the pool party was lots of fun. The kids were in the pool almost constantly from 5 til 9, taking out only enough time to wolf down their pizza.

A and a friend playing.

M attacking dad.

A bunch of kids attacking another dad

The other dad has caught a frog. He threatened to put it down one girl's suit - oh my, the shrieking!


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