Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday evening fun

School's been in session here for 4 weeks, so its time for things like football to start up. It wasn't a "real" game, just a scrimmage, but football it was - in August, no less. Hot, humid, muggy - and as D said, still too light out for it to feel like football weather. The magnet school had a free BBQ beforehand which was quite nice, esp the BBQ chicken. We visited with various people as well. M ran into his friend R and the 2 of them plus A and R's little brother S (and some other little boy) all had great fun rolling down the hill. Rolling into each other, over each other, etc. Here they are getting ready to roll down the hill.

A is rolling and M is heading back up the hill to go down again.

M rolling, about to be run over S at the bottom of the hill.

I didn't manage to get any shots of them all in a heap, but it was pretty funny - and they were having a great time.

Then they ended up playing Marco Polo in the parking lot - obviously with a fair amount of "peeking" going on - there was way too much running in the parking lot for Marco to be "blind". D and I talked to R's parents and never did end up going to the game. D stopped by briefly on the way to his car, but it was half-time (but no band). Our team was winning.


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