Friday, August 04, 2006

The kids got their Challenge class assignments

We had open house for the Challenge program last night and the kids got their class assignments. They had to prioritize their choices back in May.

A got 5 of his 6 choices - the only one he didn't get was French, because the teacher who was going to teach French moved away. Instead he got Georgia on Your Mind - where they will learn GA history.

M only got 3 of his top 6 choices. This was surprising since usually he has gotten at least 5 of his 6 top choices. He is particularly sad about not getting the Chess class. He also did not get the Guilty/Not Guilty and the Time Warp class. Instead he got:

Design - where you design a house based upon a random family size and budget
Anatomy of Laughter - learn about different forms of humor - puns, jokes, limericks
Exploring Earth's Waters - learn about health of water ecosystem

M's not too sure about the water one - he doesn't remember reading about it and is fairly sure it was far down on his list. The others he thinks will be interesting and fun.

We got to meet the new teachers and visit some former teachers. M and A will have some of the same teachers and several of the teachers already knew A from his tagging along on previous visits with M.

I'm sure we will get to listen to many new bad jokes, puns, etc in the spring when M takes the humor class. M has a friend over for a sleepover tonight and they were trading jokes. They were a bit dismayed when we knew some of the jokes already. Some of the jokes are really OLD.

Q: What is the same size and shape as an elephant but weighs nothing?
A: An elephant's shadow

It's differently noisy around here tonight. M and his friend are here, but A isn't. A is off at a sleepover with his friend next door. So there is noise, but no fighting. I just hope that there will be sleep going on for ALL members of the family tonight.


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