Saturday, August 26, 2006

Square Dance

We had a square dance at church tonight - its an annual occurance that we rather enjoy. D and I are just good enough that the "regulars" want us to come take lessons, but we're clearly not in their league currently. I guess we follow directions well. We actually met one couple tonight who might occupy our same decade of life (most of the regulars are at least mid 50's if not 60's or more). I don't think joining them is going to happen though - too much going on and nothing for the kids to do while we're learning.

I took my camera, but the batteries died as soon as I tried to get any pictures, so you'll just have to mentally picture the square dances, the Virgina Reel, the cake walk, etc. D (standing in for A who didn't want to miss his movie) won a cake. We're not quite sure what kind it is, but it appears to have strawberry icing perhaps. We'll find out tomorrow when we try the cake.

I made a chocolate pudding pie for the cake walk, but it wasn't very popular - maybe because not enough kids were doing the cake walk. It got picked last - even after the store bought cake. My kids thought it looked quite delicious and are pestering me to make another. I didn't have a second crust, but I did make chocolate pudding for them and pour it over an Oreo for an approximation of pudding pie. M declared it quite yummy.


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