Saturday, October 21, 2006

This day brought to you by the letter F

F is for fall festival and fish fry and flicks.

So, it should have been Friday, but no, it was Saturday. We had a great day today. It was chilly (like 37) when we got up 8ish (very ish), so we lounged around for a while. We finally had breakfast around 10 and headed up to the fall festival in Old Town. It was very nice - lots of little booths with arts and crafts things and various goodies. We bought half a caramel cake. Yum. We got one several years ago and loved it, but then the last time we'd been to the festival we waited too late to buy one and they had sold out. So today we bought it early and had them hold it with our name on it til we were ready to leave.

We got some homemade goodies from the local high school reunion group - its from the school where D teaches, but these reunion groups were from long before he taught there (like when we were in college).

We found a friend who was selling knitted and crocheted goodies. Had a nice chat.

The kids bought some Newton's cradles really cheaply (like 50 cents and a dollar) and have been having a ball with them. I'm less enamourmed of them already, having untangled them several times each.

Then we went hunting the apple cider. Last time they didn't have it, but today, luckily for us, they did. We got a gallon and oooh, is it good! In the past they were making it right there at the festival, but this year they were making apple butter. That sounds good too, so we asked for some of it.

Booth lady (BL): Oh, its not ready yet.
me: Oh, no, how much longer?
BL: 20-30 min...well, unless you want the sugar-free.
me: is it just no sugar, or is it artificial sweetener?
BL: just no sugar
me: yes, we want sugar-free
D: I didn't know they ever made it with sugar

And sure enough, we can't imagine it made with sugar because it is already plenty sweet. And very delicious. We had to sample it when we got home. M didn't think he would like it, but he agreed it was "pretty good". And A said "Yummy".

After all those purchases and wanderings, we headed back to the car, parked at the library, to drop off goodies and then go get some new books. M took a second pass at cleaning the library out of mythology, mostly Greek. He took out 20 or so books about a month ago and at least another dozen mythology books today.

M's ranking of mythology:

In other mythology news, M has found out that he has to be Hephestus in his Greek Gods class. For those of us who have forgotten some of our Greek mythology, he's Vulcan in Roman mythology. Him I can remember. M and D were busily trying to make plans to cast something - from solder, pewter, copper - depending on what D can find.

We also got the original Star Wars video at the library. We realized when we were at Disney that the kids had never seen the movies, so we will work our way through them.

For dinner we went to a neighborhood fish fry. They had a fishing contest during the day too, but the kids weren't interested - UNTIL they handed out cash prizes at the end of the fish fry. M saw a kid his age win $5 and then wanted to know how come we hadn't entered. Maybe next time...

The fish was quite good and fresh - we saw it being gutted and cleaned and fried. And the rest of the pot luck was tasty also. I took ziti so M would be sure to have something he liked. A liked the fish and went back for seconds.

Then when we came home from the fish fry, we started our flick, Star Wars. We didn't get to finish it, but we'll get to that tomorrow.


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