Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fishing with the Scouts

Today was the day to go fishing with the Cub Scouts. One of our leaders had arranged that we could go fish at a kids only fishing pond, starting at 9 am.

Evidently we weren't the only ones who couldn't manage 9am, though. Especially since the place is almost an hour (well, maybe 50 min) from our house. We got there a little after 10 and found that there were 2 other families from our pack who had been there 15 minutes or less (and one family came 15 minutes after us). 4 families (5 Scouts) is not very many considering how many kids said they "loved fishing". Maybe the chill in the air this morning scared them off?

There was another pack of Cub Scouts there also this morning. It made parts of the lake rather crowded, as it was a rather small lake. One of the adults, when casting, almost got his line tangled with someone else's - from across the lake. He cast to within about 20 feet of the opposite shoreline.

Here's M fishing right near one of A's buddies:

And here'e A, having finally mastered the intricacies of casting with his rod (I kept forgetting what to do when too).


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