Thursday, October 12, 2006

Running into people at Disney

We knew 3 other familes who were going to be at Disney the same week we were there (thanks to Fall Break at school). We had wondered whether we would run into anyone.

And the answer was - yes. We ran into 2 families, 2 times each - one family at 2 different parks on 2 different days. We also ran into another family that we didn't realize would be there.

Kind of "it's a small world" feeling. Speaking of which, we managed to avoid that particular ride. None of the adults were particularly interested and M was vehemently NOT interested. A didn't seem to care one way or the other, so we gave it a pass.

The kids and I tried to convince one family that they really should ride Splash Mountain, but we haven't found out yet if they did end up riding it. We all enjoyed it and even convinced my mom to ride it (the second time we rode it). She found the drop a bit much, but the rest of the ride was quite tame and pleasant.

I had warned my mom that she should read the books and see which rides she wanted to give a miss. Her reply was - oh, I'm not there for the rides, but to see the kids have fun. Well.... she let M talk her into some rides that she wished she hadn't. Basically she rode anything A did (and vice-versa). I'm not sure who was doing the deciding among the two of them.


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