Sunday, November 12, 2006

Add-a-sentence Story

We tried making up a story a few days ago in the car on the way to Scouts. Where each person would add one sentence to an ongoing story. It was a really cool story, with dragons, magicians, a butterfly flapping its wings in Patagonia,... but I really can't reconstruct it. The kids really enjoyed it, though, so when they asked to do another story, I thought I would capture it.

This one is a bit different. Evidently the cheat, Strong Bad and Strong Mad are some sort of cartoon characters. M even showed me where they are from. It's hard to know what to do with these characters I don't know, though.

The story went as follows:

M: The cheat is a little yellow rabbit.
K: The cheat was in the habbit of chasing bears.
A: At first the bears tried to eat the cheat
M: But the cheat was too clever and trapped them by setting all the things around them on fire
K: The fire worried all the other forest animals.
M: Suddenly the bear carrying a shark, the god of the bears, came in.
K: The shark magically put out the fire and trapped the cheat in a cage.
A: The cheat pulled out a knife and cut the bars of the cage.
M: he went to Strong Bad and Strong Mad for help fighting the bear.
K: But Strong Bad and Strong Mad had disappeared into the future.
A: The cheat went around wondering how could Strong Bad and Strong Mad have gone into the future?
M: He found a time traveling machine
K So the cheat decided he wanted to travel to the year 3000.
A: The cheat pressed the button htat said year 3000 and then there he was in the year 3000
M: But he had messed up and it made him go to 3000 BC
K: At first he was very confused because there was no cool technology
A: So then he went searching for somebody who he could talk to and ask where all the cool technology was
M: But he talked really weird so no one could understand him
K So the cheat went back to the time machine and, after hunting around, found a instant translator
A: Then he took the instarnt translator and went back to the village and then he went on trying to find somebody to talk to
M: But he failed because there was no village
K: As he was wandering around he came across a man fishing
A: He asked the man what year they were in
M: The man said it is the first reign of the great Strong Bad
K: We're going to overthrow him tonight, do you want to help us? - if you won't join us, we will have to kill you
A: The cheat said that yes, he would help him
M: But suddenly the bear carrying a shark came in and took the cheat back to the year 2006 AD
K: Where the cheat discovered that time travel is not without its risks - it turned him into a very ancient cheat who was soon to die
A: And then the cheat wanted to go back in time and change it so that he was the same as when he found the time machine
M: That didn't work, but he found a potion that kept him alive forever.
K: Poor cheat, he soon discovered that living forever in near death conditions was pretty lousy and he slowly went mad.
M: He drank another potion that took him back in time to before he saw the time machine and everything was normal again.

I told the kids that next time, we need to leave out characters that some of us are clueless about.


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