Monday, February 26, 2007


otherwise known as lice. Arrgh.

When I got home from running errands today, my mom was here with both kids. Yep, both have lice. First time for either one. Guess I jinxed myself when I read about someone else's battles and thought "it's passed us by".

So, both kids have had:

1. a haircut - M's hair is actually short again.
2. a bath/shower (complaints of "but we just took one last night") with non-conditioning shampoo.
3. Permethrin lotion rubbed into their hair/scalp to sit for 10 minutes
4. hair rinsed in the kitchen sink
5. hair combed through with nit combs (at least 3 times - the first time taking at least 45 min)

I've changed all the beds in the house. Run 8 loads of laundry. Still at least 2 more of our bedding to go. Plus our regular laundry still to go. All of the kids laundry is done except what their wore after their shower/bath.

Tomorrow I have to take them to school and hope they pass the nurse's inspection - if not, its back home to do more nit-picking (and re-scheduling M's conference - oh, crud, and A's speech IEP meeting). Either way, the laundry marathon will continue... there's a reason I don't usually wash ALL the bedding (esp all the blankets & quilts) at once.

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