Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photo problems

Something still isn't working right with Blogger and photos. When I try to load photos from (new) Blogger, I can choose my pictures, but the "Upload Image" button is missing from the screen. So, I can't get the pictures on the blog.

Fine, I thought, I'll just send them from Picasa. Seems to work fine from this computer, but when I was looking at it from my other computer (a Mac using Safari if that makes any difference) I couldn't see the photos - just little boxes. Hmmmm... is it a Safari problem or a Blogger problem. My mom says she can't see the photos either, so not just a Safari problem.

Now, for the interesting bit - when I look on Safari, I do get the "Upload image" button. But, my pictures aren't on that computer.

Grrr. I hate having to fiddle with this! I checked the help page and it seems that other people are having photo problems too. I hope they get it all sorted out quickly.

Can anyone else see the pictures on my last post? Or have any helpful thoughts?



Blogger Carol P. said...

Nope, no pictures on the last post. Just little boxes where they ought to be. When I right click on a box to open it in a new window or to view the image, I get a "unable to establish connection at localhost:4632" error, so it looks like your pictures didn't actually get uploaded correctly.

I use XP and Firefox and don't seem to have any trouble (except for a lack of time at the moment...). If I upload 5 pictures at once, the "Upload" button scrolls off the screen, but I can still scroll down and get it. Every now and then the upload hangs with a javascript:void(0) message at the bottom and I have to restart it, maybe once a week or so. No different than before my upgrade.

Maybe blogger gave up posting your pictures for Lent? Of course, that leaves the great debate: Are Sundays part of Lent when it comes to fasting and abstaining, or not? (vbg!)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I thought I might try to email pictures from one computer to the other today and try to post them again. But fate (and lice) said otherwise - I didn't get to check my email til dinnertime.

No, Sundays are NOT fasting days for Lent. Our priest made sure to tell us that on Sunday. Sundays are feast days. So, if Blogger gave up photos for Lent, it needs to know that I was posting on a feast day!

10:28 PM  

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