Monday, June 18, 2007

GREAT Swim Meet!

(Photo added - better late than never!)

The kids both had a great meet tonight!

This was the first meet for M as an 11 year old. That's a big deal because at 11 they have to start swimming 2 lengths of the pool in each stroke. M chose to swim freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. Butterfly - WOW! He's never swum 50 yards of fly before, but he did a wonderful job. His fly looked nice and I think he came in 3rd. Great job M. M's even happier about his breaststroke swim. He came in 1st in his heat! Got his first real heat ribbon.

M was MUCH faster than the other 2 boys in his heat (as in, he finished at least half a lap ahead of them). So, he might do even better if he had some competition. He came in 3rd overall - only one boy on our team beat him. M was really psyched about it all.

M will get best time ribbons in both fly and breast, since he hasn't swum those as a 50 yard race before. I think he got a new best time in free as well. Way to go M!

A did quite well too. This was his second meet for this season, so he's already had the best times based on getting bigger and stronger over the winter, but I think he'll be getting some best time ribbons tomorrow too. His freestyle kick looked much better tonight - I think he took several seconds off his best time. His breaststroke was really competitive too. It looks like breast might be the best stroke for both kids - amazing since it was not the best for either D or me.

{I've got some good photos to post, but Blogger isn't cooperating tonight on the Mac. And the PC is mis-behaving. I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I've been backing up all the photos off the PC onto CD's}

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