Sunday, June 24, 2007

No AC yet....

We got really tempted by the AC tonight. We haven't had it on yet, but it won't be long now. The kids are actually sleeping downstairs tonight since it was 84 in the house at 9pm. The heat wasn't particularly bothering anyone while awake, but I know from experience that they complain about the heat once in bed, especially A.

Now at nearly midnight we've got a nice breeze blowing through the house of upper 70's air and it's fairly pleasant. It's been being cool enough overnight that at least half the time I pull the blanket up at least over my legs during the night. That's what I would be giving up by turning on the AC (well as well as low electricity bills...) This morning it was 72 in the house and it was just delightful - but I'm not about to cool the house with AC to that level.

It's a day by day thing now. A lot depends on how cool it gets at night - and if we're out in the evening, like when we have a swim meet, its already cooling off by the time we get home.


Blogger Carol P. said...

Heh, my kids wanted the heat on this morning. It's 67 in the house right now at 2pm (temp outside is around 72). The sun is out today, so the house should warm up by dinner time. Meanwhile, I've got my hoodie on while I work because it's chilly.

I refuse to run the heat on June 25th in the US! I think our heat last ran on June 16th, and that was late enough.

Summer's not quite arrived in Oregon yet....

3:56 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I'd love to have 67 in the house or 72 outside right now! I think our low yesterday was about 72. We got lucky today - because of the clouds the high was only about 86, not the mid 90s that were predicted.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Carol P. said...

Yuck! I remember why I don't live back east anymore! At least it's a dry heat out here when it warms up.

9:41 PM  

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